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Wednesday, February 22, 2012

first degree result

Like what i expected. hoping to pass all the paper and yes i got it all. SYUKUR ! at first im so so happy to see it but my feeling turn to sad when i know my friends' result. most of them got a higher CGPA from me. yes higher from me. and yes im very upset. im not saying that im not happy for them but im disappointed with my performance. i didnt do well in my exam and thats what i got. always play around instead of studying. KL is like my second house.

To get a better result , I should be more focus next sem. stop wasting time and try to attend all the classes. and i hope this is the beginning of my new journey. yes i FAIL this time but i will make sure this cannot be happen for the second time. i promise !

Allah almighty, please give me your hidayah...

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