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Friday, February 24, 2012


I have a lot of things to talk about but dont know which one should be the first. well, i choose to talk about Obesity. yes, I'm Obese and I know I have to do something before its too late. suddenly I'm thinking about consuming some Nutritional food. I think you know what kind of food that meant by me. It will cost me about RM8 per day. and this nutrition have a good reputation world widely. but the main problem is the business itself.

I am not sure whether the business is HARAM or not. If it is so, im not going to buy anything. well as you know, all MLM business is HARAM. From my side, i think this business is not mainly for making people healthy but more focus on how to gain money as easy and as fast as you can. and thats make me curious whether to consume it or not. i will ask others for their opinions and i hope someone out there can help me. thank you :)

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